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2018 BSB Innovation prize for cosmetics, natural products!

Ruskha Concentrated Youth Elixir was among the winners of the 16th European BSB Innovation Award for natural products at the recent In-Cosmetics Show in Amsterdam.

The BSB Innovation Award, which was established by Dr. Jan-H. Riedel in 2003, aims to convey the latest findings on a global level. The award is supported by the industry.

We are extremely proud of this award because we’ve been noticed and awarded between other cosmetic brands in whole Europe. Brands which have more than 20 years history in Western Europe. Brands which have more than 200 employees. On the other hand we are relatively young brand and our staff is less than 10 people. What is most important is that we do everything with ambition and love and we line up together with the doyens in the industry after less than 1 year on the market. Special gratitude to our clients for the support and we promise to never let you down! ❤️❤️❤️