​10 Steps for Glowing Skin

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​10 Steps for Glowing Skin

10 Steps for Glowing Skin

1. Few things can look good without being taking care of. Start taking care of your skin, because if you cause irreversible damage to it, you will not have a chance for a new one. Do not forget about your skincare regimen, even when you are very tired or busy.

2. Cleaning and exfoliation is an important and indispensable part of your regimen. There is a lot of dirt attached to the skin from the environment in which you are – dust, particles of urban pollution, dead cells, make-up remnants, and so on. To prepare your skin for the product which will nourish your skin (whether for hydration, rejuvenation and / or your skin glow), it must be well cleaned. Products put on clean skin are more efficient and easier to reach the lower layers of the skin. That is why we recommend our „Skin Awakening Cleanser“. It exfoliates without drying the skin out. Then, put your bet on „Concentrated Youth Elixir“, which is a multivitamin cocktail.

3. Do not forget about the neck and neckline when taking care of the face.

4. Be patient with the cosmetics you use. There are no miraculous potions which give results right away. The only initial result you can feel when changing a product is only sensory, ie. to judge how it smells or how it is applied. Most active ingredients require at least 2-4 weeks to show results.

5. Hydration is an extremely important step for radiant skin. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day.

6. Skin is often a mirror of what’s happening in your body. It may be dry or prematurely aged because you do not take enough fluids, vitamins or minerals. Consume unlimited raw and ripe fruits and vegetables, as well as leafy plants such as lettuce, spinach and more. Always choose clean, organic products whenever possible. Strive raw fruits and vegetables to be present in every meal, and at least one meal of your daily menu should be from only raw fruits, vegetables and leafy greens.

7. You are what you eat. Do not be fast, cheap, easy or artificial. Waffles, burgers, carbonated beverages and any highly processed food do not have a place in your mouth if you want to have healthy and young-looking skin.

8. Sports is a unique means of improving blood circulation and favoring beautiful skin.

9. Do not miss a possibility for a walk in the mountains or outside the city. Pure air is a key ingredient in the formula for beautiful and healthy skin.

10. Take the necessary dose of sleep every day. There is no better ‘ingredient’ for beautiful skin than good sleep.

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