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Ruskha Skincare – a dream is born

Dear friends,

After many years of dreaming and tireless work, we can finally take a deep breath and feel that everything we learned so far, which we fought for and which we stand for with our whole being, is about to be born. For us this is an incredibly strong and exciting moment.

I started experimenting with skincare potions as a child in the form of playing with my most beloved person in the world – my Grandma Ruskha. I will never forget our moments together when we carefully cut different fruits and vegetables, drained them and made beautifying masks. It was our ritual. When I played outside after rain, my favorite game was to make mud masks.

I spent most of my childhood in the hair salon where my mother was working. There I was observing the magic of beautification. I was very keen to watch the moments before, during, and after, as well as the positive emotions, self-esteem and happiness experienced by the ladies after the 30 minutes they have spared for themselves. I was 10-12 years old, but I experimented boldly what I learned, or rather, seen, on my friends – hair removal, haircuts, blow-outs, hair coloration, curling, you name it. I was the beauty master… or at least I thought I was.

My interest faded when growing up because the game time was over. I had to focus on my educational and professional interests. What I did not forget was the magic to take care of yourself and the emotion it brought to people.

This is how the dream of Ruskha Skincare was born, which we accomplished together with Joro Plachkov and our team of professionals. Throughout the road, we were led by the desire to bring joy, self-esteem, balance, and results. We chose to create 100% natural products without a single drop of synthetics and to incorporate extremely potent ingredients from nature. The final formulas are the result of numerous experiments, studies and countless consultations with professionals from various fields – botany, chemistry, biology, dermatology, holistic medicine, etc. Each part of the formulas is designed to be universally applicable – not to be irritating to sensitive skin, not to be comedogenic to acne-prone skin, our products do not contain nut oils and extracts for people with allergies, and our line can also be used by future and nursing mothers.

We emphasize on active ingredients in our formulations – ingredients that are innovative, high-tech and laboratory-tested. We’ve been testing the finals products on ourselves, on our friends and families, to make sure we can offer to you, our customers, something truly effective.

What we can promise is that we will not stop developing, exploring and offering only the best. We are working on new products that will complement the beauty ritual and will bring extraordinary feelings to the user.

From the bottom of my heart,

Rosie Antonova

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