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We are a team of enthusiasts who are keen to change the attitude towards skincare. We are convinced that using nature’s purest ingredients and with a lot of love, we can ‘feed’ every type of skin and achieve visible and lasting results. Rosie Antonova stands behind the brand and directs the vision, and Joro Plachkov is the leading force in the development and delivery of our products to you. Recently, we had a chance to interview Rosie and Joro.

– Rosie, how did it all start?

– By chance, like all good things. Years ago, we both changed our diet. Overnight we switched to a raw and plant-based foods diet. Having seen the benefits of clean eating, I wanted to replace everything that I put on myself – so that it was pure and directly from nature. I began to experiment with different ‘natural’ skincare brands. I started reading labels, studying ingredients and eventually realised that the words ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ do not guarantee the same thing. Many of the products had synthetic and questionable ingredients. I understood they were hiding harmful ingredients from the label in order to mislead the customer. Others were clean but incredibly basic and did not cover my skin needs. I’ve researched the global market in an attempt to find a natural skincare line that really works. I found a few with great difficulty, but they weren’t exactly easily accessible to my part of the world. That’s how my ambition to create Ruskha was born.

– How does Ruskha differ?

– This is a ritual for beauty. Skincare which is 100% natural and from nature. Products that are NOT a mixture of two base oils or an emulsion with predominantly water content and, in the best case scenario, 1-2 active ingredients. It took us years to find the purest ingredients. Active ingredients that are masterpieces in natural cosmetics – innovative, high-tech, giving excellent results which are seen in clinical trials. Each of our products contains a rich palette of the most effective natural ingredients, the best coming from nature. We create result-giving products.

– Who is Rosie Antonova?

– Adventurer. Idealist. I love dreaming and turning my dreams into reality. I believe that no effort is in vain and I am guided by that in my life – I dream and work hard.

– What does “Ruskha” mean?

– Ruskha is a brand created in memory of a Person. The Person I loved unconditionally. The purest, warmest and most positive person in the world. The Person who taught me about love. Love for yourself, love for other living beings and, last but not least, love for nature. This Person is my grandmother. The brand is dedicated to her – a name that brings love and kindness. She is my inspiration!

– Who is Joro Plachkov?

– I define myself as a creative personality. Being constructive and believing in good.

– What is important for beautiful skin?

– What you put in your mouth, how you hydrate your body and last but not least – your skin care regimen – the sooner you start, the better. I love the word ritual  instead of care because our products create the feeling that you are going through an ancient ritual to achieve the best results for your skin. Absolutely purposeful, energetic and self-conscious activity. The following example always comes to my mind: the differences in the care of a potted flower – whether you just water it from time to time, not to wither, or you pay attention to it every day, fertilise it (with the right product), love it. It is important to do everything with a positive, energetic charge.

– What’s next?

– We are constantly developing new formulas. We are in the process of producing a brightening serum which will reduce pigment spots, as well as a super aromatic, softening and sexy body oil. To have a product ready for the market takes us a lot of time because we want it to be perfect – so we can offer the most efficient products to our customers.

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